2/1 2015 Loyola Pot-Luck in the blizzard

Praise God! We had a first united Loyola Pot-Luck in 2015 even in this horrifying weather condition. This morning, I was shocked because a lot of snow piled up already and was still falling. I worried so much and was about to cancel this pot-luck. When I got back home right after the church service, […]


Grace’s 12th Birthday

Grace invited her school friends to my home and had a wonderful time. For the first time, Mary and I did not conduct her birthday party. All Grace planed by herself and only we supplied things she needed. Wow! She is growing.


Hello! 2015!

Our family visited STARVED ROCK ILLINOIS STATE PART on Jan 1/1. Last year, we went to Loyola beach on the first day of 2014 after attending morning prayer meeting. We took pictures and made good New Year resolutions. In 2015 we planned to do a similar thing but in little different way. This time, we […]

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