cbf easter dance

3/22 2015 Kids Easter Dance (Esther 3rd grade)

Praise God! They practiced for 3 months under the Faith Koh and Micheal’s supervision on each Sat. They performed so good and it was spirit-filled worship dance ever I have seen such a little kids to perform for the glory of God. Good job Esther!! and all the Kids as well! Apr. 12 2016 Daddy,


1/16 2016 CBF Disciples chorus concert

  Grace, Daniel and Esther performed their annual CBF Disciples’s Chorus. They practiced many days and months for the performance and did a great job. Especially, each volunteered to be soloists. For Esther, it is the first time to be soloist and she did a great job. Congratulation! Jan 21, 2016 Joshua min

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