7/4 2016 CBF Summer Conf. (Grace 7th / Daniel 5th / Esther 3rd)

Mom and Daddy with M. Helen Jung visited CBF Camp where Grace, Daniel, and Esther attended on Monday, the 1st day of the program. I drove M. Helen’s car and we ate a lot while we were on travel. For the first time, I went there and Mom already went one or two times before. When we got there, it was dinner time. We attended evening program. Grace, Daniel and Esther and their group performed on that night with the story of Australia mission. I was so surprised by their performances which they made well rounded story and acted very well. Wow! Really surprising!! Right after watching their performance we saw also one more performance and came back home around 11 pm. May God bless Grace, Daniel and Esther to grow in God’s grace.

7/4 2016 Super Daddy, Joshua

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