2/1 2015 Loyola Pot-Luck in the blizzard

Praise God!
We had a first united Loyola Pot-Luck in 2015 even in this horrifying weather condition.
This morning, I was shocked because a lot of snow piled up already and was still falling.
I worried so much and was about to cancel this pot-luck.
When I got back home right after the church service, I saw David and Roshion severely struggling with their car that got stuck in the side of the road. Okay! This young men had courage to travel all the way here. Then how about Rich and Steve’s family with their children? However ,amazingly, they all made it. Thanks for their sacrifice. Wow! We had six special guests, Hannah’s two friends from Loyola, Charles, Monica & Mark and Yu-hee, brother of Era who studied with M. Pauline & Luke Moon in Chicago many years ago. Welcome all! We celebrated Dr. Helen’s birthday and once again congratulated Charles & Haimei’s new house church.

I appreciated all who made today and surely God will bless us. I believe it. How? Because the snow, kept pouring out on us as God’s blessing from heaven!

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