10/10 2016 Esther 10th B-day Party

Hooray, Esther 10th birthday party held in my house! Wow, she has been growing a lot! Her friends,Sofia,Jessie,and Theresa came and enjoyed time together Esther. Theresa and Jessie had sleep night until Sunday morning. Thank God for blessing her to grow and also the birthday as well! 10/10 2016 Super Daddy,


Sept. 2016 Grace Art

Art world of Grace! She is really fascinated to draw. God may bless her talent! 10/22 2016 Super Daddy,


9/30 2016 Grace Skating

Grace and I went to the Park for Grace’s skating lesson at night. It stars at 8 and ends 9:30 pm. She has to finish her homework after it. Hooray! May God bless her abundantly! 9/30 2016, Supper Daddy


8/21 2016 Loyola 1 John GBS

Praise God who blessed our 1 John GBS for a week from Mon through Fri. Each couples led each day, for example, Amy Stasinos on Mon, Jim and Dr. Helen on Tue, Joshua and Mary Min on Wed, Charles and Haimei Goh on Thurs, Rich and Jenna on Fri. It was really wonderful each couple […]


7/4 2016 CBF Summer Conf. (Grace 7th / Daniel 5th / Esther 3rd)

Mom and Daddy with M. Helen Jung visited CBF Camp where Grace, Daniel, and Esther attended on Monday, the 1st day of the program. I drove M. Helen’s car and we ate a lot while we were on travel. For the first time, I went there and Mom already went one or two times before. When […]


9/16 2016 Esther Skating (4th Grade)

It’s been long time to resume the skating after summer break. New teacher and new friends!! Wonderful job!!! Esther! May God use Esther’s skating for the glory of God! 9/16 2016 Super Daddy, Joshua


9/13 2016 Family outreach at Loyola

My whole family went to Loyola for outreach around 6:30 pm. We brought pizza and pop to treat students. Grace, Daniel and Esther coworked very well. We went out for survey outreach and met one students, who was a senior. Paul park came to our meeting and had a good fellowship with us. May God […]

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